How to treat unpleasant odour in your clothes and keep then clean thoroughly?

When you arrive at your workplace it is the most embarrassing thing that you are encountered with the bad odour of your clothes and everyone staring at you. Another thing is the stains on the clothes. Both these problems are the most potential problem in today’s time as we invest in low-quality washing solutions and detergents.

A regular cycle of washing dirty clothes is necessary as they contain dirt and germs and in India, we have seen that effective method of clothes is through hands and now washing machines have been placed to reduce the time. Laundry liquid has to be organic and should have the ability to remove stains of oil, spices and dirt.  Good laundry soaps and liquids emulsify oil so that it could be washed away the oil and dirt by making them as soluble particles.

How to remove the tough and greasy stains

Clothes look amazing when they shine, and stains make them look ugly and depressing. To remove the tough and greasy stains, it is necessary to have a good cleaning solution that helps in removing stains. To remove the tough oily stains never use detergent powder as it will not be that effective. Powder detergents are pocket friendly and they need to be mixed well with the water before dipping the clothes and it takes time to dissolve in water. And detergent powder thoroughly cleans the clothes and keeps germ free for a longer period.  Also, the powdered detergent is effective for the cold water as well. But when we use detergent powder for the longer period then it causes the cloth to ruin and thin.

Stain can come from paints as well as children love to paint but sometimes painting is done on the garments as well. Also along with these stains from food like burger, jellies and curries spoil the look of the garment. So how to save the day. To remove water base paint stain, one should apply some dry powdered detergent on the watercolour and gently  brush it and leave it for a while. After that use a filter paper and blot it with paper and remove the colour and your cloth is as good as new.

How a liquid detergent makes your clothes shine

Delicate clothes and colours are always maintained by the liquid detergents. We make your clothes shining and stain-free and also care for your surroundings.  No doubt if you have little one in your home then you want to use the clothes cleaning liquids that are organic and keep clothes germ free. Also, the apt liquid detergents make your clothes less tangled and wrinkle-free so you can easily slip in once they dry.  If you are using a washing machine for cleaning clothes try to use liquid detergent and also along with this never overstuff the machines with clothes as your garment needs space to tumble and agitate to remove the dirt so the detergent can work on it. If you tend to overstuff it then it won’t be able to tumble.

Keep your hands clean and remember cleaning hands can save lives.