Our Story

Dear Metin Lovers


I wish to introduce myself as the 26-year-old Founder of  METIN™. Thank you for choosing us and welcome to the family. Before you try us, I wanted to share MY STORY.


Shree Gopal Industries was founded by my grandfather Late Shri Jai Gopal Relhan and we used to make laundry soap in it. After that my father Mr.Sanjay Relhan and my uncle Mr.Rajiv Relhan took over this business. However, it is only when i joined my family’s laundry soap business. i thought we should also focus on cleanliness and hygiene Sector.


Clean & Shine, Let the world around your sparkle.

One thing that intrigued my mind was a need for cleanliness and hygiene in india.

Hailed from Haryana, i was seen wide disruption in the hygiene and cleanliness sector. This caused me immense pain and then i planned to launch brand METIN™ that will benefit cleanliness and hygiene on the whole.
I wanted to bring cleanliness and hygiene products at an affordable level so i researched and planned for good three years and launched the cleanliness and hygiene brand METIN™ with chemical-free composition.


Our Commitment to People & Planet

In the long run, a successful cleanliness and hygiene brand from India will empower the industry here on a macro level. Simultaneously, we are passionate about solving micro issues like education. Small amount of our revenue is directed towards the education of our poor children. Every parent wishes for their progeny to have a better life than theirs. METIN™ simply wishes to honor this aspiration


The brand METIN brings a revolution in the world of hygiene care and thus empowering them. We are a young team with a vision to build India’s top cleanliness and hygiene brand with a social cognizance. If we falter anywhere in our overall experience, please do not hesitate to email me directly. I promise to address it personally. Thank You.

Be Part of the change.

Jayant Relhan
Founder , Metin

Metin Liquid detergent