Why handwashing is important for your health and immunity?

Hands are an important part of the body as we eat with hands and do various kinds of stuff with hands and during the COVID19 era, it is essential to clean the hands. It is mainly open source from where we contact with the germs and various diseases. And most of the times we feel like a parental voice that always keep your hands clean and it is not just a piece of advice but a constant reminder to clean our hands.

Clean your hands with soap and water and it is the best possible manner to avoid diseases and germs for a longer time. The reason to clean hands properly is that we tend to keep our hands on the various surfaces and these are dirty, dusty and sometimes contaminated. Many diseases are caused due to unclean hands and thus we fall sick due to unclean hands and we should be well aware that all germs are not bad, but certain disease-causing germs and bacteria are harmful to our body. Hand wash is useful and if the water is not available it is the best to use alcohol  based sanitiser and it should contain 60% alcohol to clear germs and ward off the critical illness-causing bacteria.

Clean Hands but Don’t Make Them Rough

We clean our hand, but few of the times our cleaning soap or hand-cleaning liquid cause our hands dry and cracks appears on the surface of our hands. To ward off that dry hand’s spell, we have developed aa00 per cent secure formula that thoroughly cleans our hands and keeps them soft and supple.  As we have seen that hand washing is essential for everyone, including school children so we have introduced a small portable refill bottle of hand wash so that children can easily clean they’re and keep themselves germ-free.

Hand washing helps to prevent illness

Getting a flu vaccine is important to avoid disease and also CDC recommends cleaning the hands daily. It is preventive action for disease and the aim is to clean hands thoroughly with water and soap. Effective hand washing is a skill and requires a t of minutes and use fingers and palm to clean the hands.  First wet, lather, scrub, rinse and pat dry your hands. This hand cleaning should promote amongst your community.

Hand washing as practice

Hand washing day is celebrated globally on 15 October to promote cleanliness and also hand wash, soap and liquid hand wash as most effective ward off hazardous health problems.  As the “ Healthy Hands – Recipe For Health”  is the key especially when you are eating or making food, it is important to be hygienic and keep surrounding clean and sanitize for the various diseases and flu.

Other activities after which hand wash is salient after the after washroom, after blowing or cleaning nose, after handling pets and animals and lastly after touching or throwing garbage. Choose hand wash liquid that is gentle to your hands and leaves your hands moisturized till the next wash.

Keep your hands clean and remember cleaning hands can save lives.